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At Refresh, we specialize in creating personalized meal plans that cater to the unique dietary needs and lifestyles of individuals and families in Edmonton. Our pricing is as tailored as our service, designed to fit your specific meal preparation requirements for the week. To give you a clearer picture, here are examples based on our target audience personas, reflecting their diverse needs.

refresh Personal Chef Client - John

Example 1: John - The Time-Poor Entrepreneur

Personal Goals: John is focused on maintaining a nutritious diet to support his demanding lifestyle. He seeks convenient, healthy meals that save him time for business without compromising on quality.

Meals Per Week: 10 meals (Lunch & Dinner, Monday to Friday)

Dietary Requirements: High-protein, low-carb, focusing on lean meats, vegetables, and whole grains to sustain energy.

Approximate Cost: $400 – $450 per week

For John, ready-to-eat, health-focused meals mean he can focus on his business, knowing his nutritional needs are being met with delicious, carefully prepared meals.

Example 2: Emily - The Busy Professional with No Cooking Skills

Personal Goals: Emily aims to eat healthier and introduce more variety into her meals. She values convenience and looks to explore different cuisines without the need to cook.

Meals Per Week: 7 meals (Dinners only, for a week)

Dietary Requirements: Balanced meals with a variety of cuisines, focusing on vegetables and whole foods.

Approximate Cost: $300 – $350 per week

With Refresh, Emily enjoys a hassle-free way to explore new, nutritious meals every evening, broadening her culinary horizons without needing to lift a pan.

refresh Personal Chef Client - lisa

Example 3: Lisa - The Health-Conscious Mother of Three

Personal Goals: Lisa is dedicated to keeping her family healthy with nutritious, plant-based meals. She looks for a service that can accommodate her, her husband, and three children with diverse, wholesome meals.

Meals Per Week: 20 meals (Lunch & Dinner for the family, Monday to Friday)

Dietary Requirements: Vegan, high in protein and essential nutrients, with a preference for organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Approximate Cost: $700 – $800 per week

For Lisa and her family, Refresh is a game-changer, providing a variety of creative vegan meals that cater to the entire family’s health and taste preferences. Lisa can ensure her family enjoys nutritious, plant-based meals without the stress of meal planning and cooking.

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